Thank You, Now What?

Support these great organizations!

Support these great organizations!

We don't monetize the podcast, but if you're a fan, please consider giving to the following organizations we've featured. If you would benefit from their services, please engage them. Thank you!

The Coast X Coast Foundation
Helping special operators seek treatment where traditional means end.
TYNW Presenting Sponsor in honor of Matt's friends Cris Vallejo, Ryan Savard, and other honorees

Small Steps in Speech
Helping children overcome speech and language issues.
Personal pick by Matt in honor of his friend Marc Small

Elite Meet
Connecting the military’s most talented veterans to potential employers who understand their value.
Personal pick by Matt

Offering free mental health treatment to post-9/11 veterans.
Episode 1 (Tara Heidger)

Merging Vets and Players (MVP)
Empowering combat veterans and former professional athletes by connecting them after the uniform comes off.
Episode 5 (Nate Boyer)

New Politics
Recruiting, developing, and electing servant leaders who put community and country over self
Episodes 7 (Katie Neff), 10 (Jim Matheson)

Ironbound Boxing
Serving underprivileged kids in the city of Newark and building champions inside and outside of the ring.
Episode 8 (Mike Steadman)

Service to School
Helping veterans gain access to the best academic institutions after service.
Episode 11 (Andrea Goldstein)

Wrestle Like a Girl
Empowering young women to be leaders in life through sport.
Episode 12 (Sally Roberts)

New York Firefighters Burn Center Foundation
Dedicated to the advancement of burn care, research, prevention, education, and the proper treatment of burns.
Episodes 16 (Jason Brezler), 36 (Steve Marley)

Uniformed Firefighters Association Widows and Children Fund
Helping support the families of fallen firefighters.
Episodes 16 (Jason Brezler), 36 (Steve Marley)

The COMMIT Foundation
Providing high-touch transition support helping veterans pursue their passions, build strong networks, and leverage their skills in civilian careers.
Episode 19 (Meaghan Mobbs)

Pima Animal Care Center
Animal support for Pima County, AZ providing shelter and adoption services.
Episode 20 (Nelson Miller)

Warriors Heart
Specializing in substance abuse treatment and co-occurring psychological disorders for military veterans and first responders.
Episode 25 (Brad Thomas)

Marine Raider Foundation
Supporting active duty and medically retired MARSOC Raiders and their families, as well as to the families of fallen Raiders.
Episode 25 (Brad Thomas)

Warrior-Scholar Project
Empowering enlisted veterans in the classroom.
Episode 26 (Steve Chang)

Team Red, White & Blue
Forging America’s leading health and wellness community for veterans.
Episode 39 (Mike Erwin)

LT Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation
Keeping Michael’s life, service, sacrifice, and legacy alive, as well as that of his SEAL teammates.
Episode 41 (Josh Appel)